How to Load eBooks onto an eBook Reader

If you've just bought an ebook from the ReAnimus store, thanks! Now you'll want to load it onto your reader.

This page has general approaches to try if your specific reader wasn't on the list. Here's are things to try:

  • Use your device's web browser to surf to the store, enter your transaction ID in the Returning Customers box, and download the .EPUB directly to your device. Open it with your favorite ebook reader app. (Alternatively, if you use the Kindle app on your device, grab the .MOBI file.)

  • Email it to Yourself: Download to your computer the file for the ebook you just purchased. (Get the .EPUB file; .MOBI for the Kindle app.) Send it as an attachment in email to the email account you read on your device. Open the attachment in email on your device. It might prompt for which of your apps you want to use to read it, else save it to storage on the device then open it within your ebook app.

  • Use Calibre: Download to your computer the .EPUB format of the ebook you purchased. Most reader except the Kindle work with .EPUBs, so this is a good start. If your reader doesn't do EPUBs or MOBIs, use the free Calibre program to convert one of those to the format you need.

  • Calibre may also know how to talk to your device to load books onto it, so with Calibre running, try plugging in your reader via USB.

  • USB: It's also very possible that without needing Calibre you can connect your reader to your computer using via USB. Many will connect to your computer like any USB / flash drive. Then hunt around in the folders on the device to see where it looks like ebooks live. Then drag and drop the book file into that folder, disconnect the reader, and see if it finds the new book.

  • Another free program that often knows how to directly add ebooks to readers is Adobe Digital Editions.

If none of those work, try googling on something like "loading ebooks onto [name of your device]". It's almost certainly possible and usually simple.



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