Tuck Encyclopedia, 3-Volume Set

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by Donald H. Tuck

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Tuck Encyclopedia, 3-Volume Set

This massively comprehensive work in three volumes of science fiction and fantasy bibliography through 1968 is already a library standard. Large 8.5 x 11 inch pages in two columns of small print.

Volume 1, Who's Who and Works, A-L. [298 pp., 1974] ISBN 0-911682-20-1 Cloth, $35.00

Volume 2, Who's Who and Works, M-Z. [252 pp., 1978] ISBN 0-911682-22-8 Cloth, $35.00

Volume 3, Paperbacks and Miscellaneous. [398 pp., 1982] ISBN 0-911682-26-0 Cloth, $35.00

Volumes 1 and 2 consist of an alphabetical listing of hundreds of authors, anthologists, editors, artists, etc., with biographical sketches where available, and compilations of their science fiction and fantasy works. The contents of most collections and anthologies are listed. In most cases the entries include bibliographic data for all known English-language editions and forms, as well as some foreign translations. Each author's entry also includes listings of books and short stories which form connected series, such as Robert Heinlein's famous Future History.

Volume 3 includes checklists of magazines with history, reviews, and notable fiction; paperbacks listed by author, publisher, and title; pseudonyms; series and connected stories; and general entries such as lists of Hugo winners, Dr. Who programs, book club selections, Star Trek programs, noteworthy films, and certain fanzines. This volume took the Hugo award for Best Non-Fiction at the 1984 World Science Fiction Convention (we like to think that the Hugo was really earned by the three-volume set as a whole).

The 3-volume set. ISBN 0-911682-27-9 Cloth, $95.00 Save ten dollars by ordering all three volumes together.


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